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That's Mrs. Cannon to you buddy!

Wow. Still at a loss for words here.

Dreams do come true......
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*dreamy sigh*

Getting some more photos today then I'll do a proper update,
not ready to come back down from this just yet....;)

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you guys are soooo cute!>
Aww, love love my Luna!
Wow! I hope MY wedding is as beautiful as that picture! :)
Aww!!!! <3

It will be my dear!
You g uys look so beautiful :) Congratulations!
Thanks sweetheart!!! <3
What a sweet photo. Your hair looks just angelic.

Eeee! Star Wars before I leave!
Aww, thank you darlin'

and...FUCK YEAH!!! When?! :P


10 years ago

Congrats darlin... you looked great!

Dave was ok too ;)

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics once Robb's done with all the photoshoppy goodness!
shitfuck me too!!

Thank you dear!

You look beautiful!

Congrats on the big day!

Can't wait to see all the pictures.

heee thanks!! *blush*
your big day is fast approaching!
Can I get a "hell yeah"?

I'll be putting 'em up randomly for the next while.:)
Congrats Share :)
Thank you :D

Deleted comment

hehe :)
Well Mrs. Cannon, I hope you two had an awsome, romantic, sexiful honeymoon and that your lives together follow suit!
We did, and they will!
congratulations lady!
Thank you :)
oh wow......
can't wait to see the rest!!!
hehe there's over 1200!!!!
I was gonna post peectures, but I'll let you post 'em first. Maybe. Eee-hee-hee. Woo. Bedtime for me.

You made such a beautiful bride.

the troll

Thank you trolly friend. :)

Re: :)


10 years ago